Lead Pipe Replacement

If Irish Water is removing lead pipes in your area but only as far as your property boundary.

We can reline the lead pipe all the way into your Property


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Water and lead don’t mix. 

Switching from a lead pipe to a clean new water pipe is now simpler and cheaper than ever before. It’s healthier for you and your loved ones.

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Our system Breathes new life into your Drinking water. and all we need is a small holeallbrite neofit installion ireland

If your property was constructed before 1970 and you haven’t upgraded or replaced any of your internal plumbing, you may likely have lead pipes or fittings containing lead.

your water may be flowing through lead pipes. Lead pipes are subject to hidden and perhaps not so hidden leaks

If the plumbing has been upgraded or replaced within your property, you should still check the pipe that runs from your property boundary to your kitchen tap, as this may still be a lead pipe. If in doubt, contact us today. We are taking bookings now call 0863951800

all-brite provides a lead pipe relining service. This service consists of proper pipe cleaning followed by lining, which is applying a protective liner (PET) to the interior of the pipe. An impermeable relining that provides a barrier between the water and the lead pipe which conveys it.

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