Case Studies

Neofit® installed in Dublin Ireland – February 2017

Dublin County Council (DCC) is still faced with numerous lead services in its older city districts. Like in many places the split responsibility for the services (from the main to the meter and from the meter to the tap) makes it still difficult to tackle the lead problem efficiently.

In February 2017, DCC, in a joint effort with Irish Water, wished to try out the Neofit® system and approached the installation company All-Brite Environmental Ltd from Kilrush for this.

The lead services of two houses, Cabra, Dublin 7 were lined. Both were ½” in diameter and each 16 m in length. For the lining 7mm Neofit pipe was used.

Prior to the installation, in July 2016, water samples were taken (after 30 min. stagnation) of the respective taps in the houses. This was repeated in March 2017, approx. 1 month after the lining took place. The lead contents were significantly reduced in both houses: From 17 μg/l to less than zero for house A from 8 μg/l to less than zero for house B. Both services now supply water with a lead content well below 10 μg/l as per the EU Drinking Water Regulations. DCC was very happy with the results.

video of how lead pipe was lined

No-dig pipe repair old clay pipe that had roots intruding

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