Rat Flaps

Are you awakened every night with scratching Noises;

We carry out a full investigation which will lead to Elimination

 rats, in particular, are agile climbers? Once rats have access to your cavity wall, they can easily move around the property and usually find their way up to the Attic. And regular rat control techniques are not solving the problem we can help. We simply find out how rats enter your property and then we stop them. NO MORE RAT POISON, NO MORE RAT TRAPS, NO MORE RATS

Have you ever had RAT PROBLEMS IN YOUR Property?

It is estimated that over 90% of rat infestation problems within Ireland’s homes and properties are due to defective drainage pipes.

Currently working with Pest Control Companies around Ireland, We simply find out how rats enter your home and then we stop them.

We offer free estimates and advice as well as a guarantee on all of the works we carry out.

all-brite have years of experience in finding out how rats enter the property and then stopping them

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rat flap

It is estimated that over 90% of rat infestations in houses and buildings in Ireland are due to a defective drain pipe or systems. So in dealing with a rat infestation one of the first actions might be to install a flap and observe if it solves a problem. Thereby quickly solving the problem, which if initially misidentified may result in unnecessary delays and unnecessary pest control costs.


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