Odour Detection

Eliminate Unpleasant Smells.

Welcome to the forefront of odor detection technology. Our innovative approach utilizes state-of-the-art  to revolutionize the way odors are identified and managed. Say goodbye to traditional methods and embrace a new era of precision and efficiency in odor detection

If you’re dealing with mysterious odors in your home, particularly those linked to sewage or drains, we’re here to help. Detect the source with our specialized smoke testing machine—making the invisible, visible.

👃 **Uncover the Source:** Lingering smells can be elusive, but our fit-for-purpose smoke testing machine reveals how and where odors infiltrate. Click on “Smoke in Drain” for a brief video demonstration.

🌬️ **Smoke in Drain:** Identify and tackle unpleasant smells around your property with ease using our innovative smoke machine.

🚨 **Sewer Gas Alert:** A sewer-like odor in your home may indicate dangerous sewer gas. Don’t ignore it—act now to safeguard your health. Schedule an appointment if you suspect issues like sewer back-up or leaks from rotted pipes.

🔍 **Possible Causes:** Explore potential sources such as sewer back-ups or leaks from rotted drain pipes. Addressing these issues promptly can prevent further damage and health risks.

💨 **Sewage Smell Solution:** If you detect raw sewage in your home, a simple smoke test can unveil underlying problems. Don’t let the issue worsen—take action to ensure a fresh and odor-free home.

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